BizBasics: ‘Big Data’ With Robert Carraway

“Big data” is a big deal. Companies with access to it can use it to inform their business decisions; for example, hospitals can use it to ensure medical providers across the globe have the right patient information when they need it. In this video, Professor Robert Carraway breaks down what big data is and explains how its four components can work together to avoid life-changing errors and missed opportunities.

The BizBasics video series, created by the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, is designed to explain basic business concepts and common business buzz words.

About the Faculty

Robert L. Carraway

Carraway, professor and former senior associate dean of the MBA program, is an authority on the appropriate and constructive use of quantitative analysis in making important decisions. He focuses on the relationship between intuition and rational analysis and how the two can complement one another, as well as on the... Learn More