Why Can’t We Be Friends? Saving Workplace Relationships

Conflicts among co-workers are ubiquitous in business. Sometimes they generate positive momentum, but they can often disrupt and stand in the way of workplace efficiency. In an effort to find solutions, researchers have primarily examined the content of conflict. They’ve studied what we’re fighting about. While this approach has done a great deal to help us understand how conflict... CONTINUE READING

Sales and Sustainability: Walmart Lights the Path

In support of the federal EnergyStar program and its own global sustainability strategy, Walmart encourages customers to invest in compact fluorescent light bulbs. Given the size and scope of the retail giant, sales of the bulbs — which reduce greenhouse gas emissions — add up to significant environmental impact. When sales started slipping, the company had to reassess its priorities and... CONTINUE READING

The Untapped Power of the Weird

Think of weird as good. Of weird people as powerful. Of weird ideas as great. We need to rethink our definition of diversity to include the weird — a group that is often maligned and avoided. And by weird I mean people who appear to us as different, strange and even offbeat. They just don’t fit in. Why bother with them? Because there is power in being so different. There is a... CONTINUE READING

The Driving Force Behind AutoZone’s Financial Strategy

By Kenneth M. Eades

In 2012, AutoZone, the auto-parts retailer, had an excess of cash on hand. The company had to decide how to best distribute its cash flow in order to maximize its value to shareholders. The company’s options were to: Invest the cash in the business (e.g., open additional retail stores), Distribute dividends to the shareholders or Engage in a share repurchase. AutoZone used a... CONTINUE READING

New ‘Ambicultural’ Manager Combines Best of East and West

By Ming-Jer Chen

While Chinese and Western companies have been doing business with each other for many years, styles of communicating often prevent them from working together as efficiently as possible. The Chinese tend to emphasize nonverbal communication, such as body language and gestures, while Americans focus on verbal communication and directness when making business decisions. Americans use the word... CONTINUE READING

‘No Frills’ Airline Considers How to Gain Momentum in the Friendly Skies

In a global airline market replete with perks for frequent fliers, one airline company stands out for its efficiency and customer service, without all the frills. IndiGo, a relatively new Indian airline, offers low fares and the promise of an on-time flight schedule. Their customers can take advantage of conveniences such as cab-booking and connections to local transit, but the airline does... CONTINUE READING