The Nuances of Cross-Cultural Communication

Across industries, Chinese and Western managers say their main difficulty doing business with each other stems from poor communication. Both groups need to understand the cultural differences in business communication, etiquette and how their actions may be interpreted. This note introduces readers to some of the most important cultural dissimilarities and suggests strategies for communicating... CONTINUE READING

An Educational Revolution

After China’s Cultural Revolution and the closing of public institutions of higher education, the nation was in want of professionals with demonstrated proficiencies — even after universities and colleges reopened. The Education Bureau created a new kind of credential: the Self-Teaching Diploma Exam. People could earn diplomas by taking a test, but without training, only 6 percent... CONTINUE READING

Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Education Beyond the Three R’s

Entrepreneurship is important not just to the economy, but to society — an entrepreneurial, problem-solving mindset is essential when it comes to creating and developing technologies, products, services and solutions that benefit a community. Yet America, for its history of ingenuity, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, has seen a decline in its number of startups in recent... CONTINUE READING

The JOBS Act: Friend or Foe to the Small Firm IPO?

By Susan Chaplinsky

If you’re an entrepreneur at the head of a young, innovative company, you know that the initial public offering (IPO) process has historically been an important avenue for firms to have broader access to capital. A successful IPO offers funding for much-needed research and development, capital expenditures, and creates a liquid market for investors as well as venture capitalists. But the... CONTINUE READING

What Makes a Champion Brand? Ten Champion Brand Survey Insights Every Business Leader Needs to Know

To many, the term “Champion Brand” may evoke thoughts of company name recognition, top-rated products, memorable packaging and clever marketing strategies or carefully crafted PR campaigns.  When we think of brands, we may think about the consistency in a company’s messaging. But in a recent global study of public and private companies, the Darden School and APCO Worldwide discovered... CONTINUE READING

Project Planning: A Day at the Park

By Yael Grushka-Cockayne

The Parks and Recreation department of New York City is responsible for the upkeep of more than 29,000 acres of land. Approximately 150 capital construction projects a year for its 1,700 parks and recreational facilities require extensive logistics from the staff tasked with the planning and execution of projects. A 2013 audit on the department’s 2011 fiscal year showed that 47 percent of... CONTINUE READING