10 Insights From Darden’s 2015 Shanghai Investing Summit

By Darden ,

“It’s really the beginning of the Chinese securities market. For China’s capital market to transform successfully into a mature market, three elements — liberalization, legal order and professional capacity — have to develop together.” — Ruyin Hu, chief economist, Shanghai Stock Exchange “When outsiders like myself think about investing in China, we need to realize that the... CONTINUE READING

Insights from the 2015 Private Equity Conference: Using Investment Criteria as a Guide to M&A

By Darden

Peggy Roberts (MBA ’01), chief operating officer of the Riverside Capital Appreciation Fund; Charlie Larkin (MBA ’90), founding partner of Webster Capital; and Taylor Cole (MBA ’98), partner at Harren Equity Partners, returned to the University of Virginia Darden School of Business on 17 April to participate in a panel at the fourth annual Darden Private Equity Conference, hosted by the... CONTINUE READING

Paladares: Self-Employment With a Cuban Twist

A restaurant opened in a private home in Cuba — a paladar — is one way in which Cubans are exploring self-employment and facing challenges with an entrepreneurial spirit. A paladar’s owner pays the government for a permit to work, as do the staff members, who are employed by the government — not the owner. The government regulates the number of tables allowed on site and sets licensing... CONTINUE READING

Star-Spangled Shoppers: International Politics Drive Buying Choice

As strange as it may seem, patriotism can weigh in when you walk down a supermarket aisle eyeing what to buy. And that surprising discovery can help global companies and policymakers better strategize. In our recent study, we found that nationalism — that feeling of pride and love for one’s country — can hold sway over what you choose to buy, consciously or unconsciously. And... CONTINUE READING

BizBasics: ‘What Is Diversification?’

By Richard B. Evans

Investment dollars are like eggs — it’s risky to keep them all in one basket. Rather than put themselves at the mercy of one investment’s ups and downs, many investors choose to diversify, spreading out their investments across multiple channels. A portfolio of multiple stocks can ease the extremes of the individual stocks’ volatility, and investors can decrease volatility even more by... CONTINUE READING

Entrepreneurial Athletes: Smart and Speedy Product Development

Summers Nelson and Anthony Hayes were endurance athletes who weren’t satisfied with existing products designed to keep athletes fueled with the right balance of nutrients and convenience — they also wanted a product with unprocessed food and no added sugars. Gauging demand in their network, they learned they weren’t alone. Many athletes they consulted had similar needs, as well as... CONTINUE READING