The Happy Shopper: Buying Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device

By Gregory B. Fairchild and Shahir Kassam-Adams and Carlos Santos ,

Right after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University, Darden Professor Greg Fairchild joined Saks Fifth Avenue, where he managed the couture dress department at Saks’ flagship store on Fifth Avenue in midtown Manhattan. That initial job — managing eight employees and overseeing the sales of remarkably expensive dresses — gave him an insider’s glimpse into the iconic department... CONTINUE READING

Benchmarking Competitive Performance

By Jared D. Harris and Carlos Santos

Today’s world is awash in data, which has the potential to dramatically impact the way we make decisions. Consider, for example, the world of competitive sports; whereas a generation ago the simple win-loss record may have been the primary focus, the rise of detailed metrics and statistics has revolutionized the way we evaluate the competitive performance of athletes and teams. Performance data... CONTINUE READING

Innovation in the Time of Disruptive Rule-Breaking

By Michael Lenox and Jay Hodgkins

When new technology makes an industry ripe for disruption, a leading wave of innovators simply pursue the possible. As consumers embrace their new choices, the trailing wave of popular demand means incumbents are better served preparing for the future than digging in to protect the old paradigm. Adapt or die, to borrow an idea from Charles Darwin. But adapting is hard for incumbents, as... CONTINUE READING

Deciding to Sell or Stick With a Startup

Flex Technology was a startup with a breakthrough medical device — the Flexible Herbert Screw, which would help fractures in small, curved bones heal faster. When the CEO was offered a large sum of money for the intellectual property rights of the screw, he was faced with the decision to sell to the bigger company or see Flex Technology through the startup phase. Key to the decision-making... CONTINUE READING

Predicting Unpredictability in Chinese Equity Markets

By Richard B. Evans, Dennis T. Yang and Dave Hendrick ,

The explanation for the global market turmoil seen in January often seemed to come down to one word: China. The precipitous decline of Chinese stock markets to start the New Year, as well as rapidly declining faith in Chinese leaders’ abilities to boost, or even stabilize, investor confidence, led to a significant sell-off in equities in China and around the world. If the events of recent... CONTINUE READING

Active Innovation Leadership: What if Your Organization Isn’t Loaded With Geniuses Like Steve Jobs?

The bad news is that there are only very few people in the Steve Jobs genius category to go around. The good news? The rest of us. Most of us are far more innovative than we give ourselves credit for. And more good news? In my experience, it is teachable and learnable. I was inspired to write 63 Innovation Nuggets for Aspiring Innovators because throughout my career I observed many... CONTINUE READING