Freshwater and Polar Bears: How a Public-Private Partnership Can Change the World

At the turn of the century, the world faced a serious concern:  Of its water supply, about 2.5 percent was fresh water, and 30 percent of that groundwater — which billions of people depended on for drinking, sanitation and crop irrigation. Yet use of the all-important resource was frequently mismanaged and wasteful. All of Coca-Cola’s products use water as the main ingredient, and the... CONTINUE READING

Translate Big Data Into Action

The question of how to leverage big data has inspired conferences, university courses and degrees — and CMOs in sore need of guidance on how to get smarter about what all those numbers are saying. Ultimately, what each organization needs is its own analytics system that is focused on customer behavior. The system should be actionable, future-facing and support the organization’s broader... CONTINUE READING

Writing and Leadership: Applying Reflective Writing to Leading Change

Most of us know that writing is a technology invented several millennia ago to aid memory, but few consider how much writing — especially reflective writing — can aid creative and critical thinking, particularly when leading organizational change. For anyone who is about to embark on organizational change, has the responsibility to lead it or needs to help others make sense of it, reflective... CONTINUE READING

Exhibiting Innovation at IBM

IBM was confronted with a conundrum: Its “Smarter Planet” initiative led to innovations for its customers, but the traditional trade show booths that presented the product to customers — at thousands of exhibitions — did not reflect that sense of innovation. The company needed to ensure customers got the message. IBM and global event and experience marketing firm George P. Johnson... CONTINUE READING

The National Debt Project

The above video discusses the origin of the national debt, how spending priorities have changed and why excessive federal debt is a concern. In the early 20th century, federal spending focused on defense and education, while today much of the budget goes to social security and health care, with the threat of rising interest payments lingering. The video continues by outlining mandatory versus... CONTINUE READING

The Creative Promise of Design Thinking

You’re much more imaginative than you think, but your workplace — which needs your very best ideas — may be driving the creativity right out of you. Big businesses can be the worst offenders, demanding a level of predictability and efficiency that is good for today’s bottom line but bad for tomorrow’s. The pressure to grow is relentless, but the battle is often uninspired. I teach... CONTINUE READING