The Entrepreneurship Paradox: Insights From the Darden and Cambridge Judge Research Conference

By Andrew King ,

Scholars from three continents convened in Washington, D.C., at the United States Institute of Peace in May for the annual Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference, hosted by the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The conference, organized by Judge Business School and Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship... CONTINUE READING

The Learning Launch: How to Grow Your Business With the Scientific Method

Definition A learning launch is a carefully designed experiment or prototype designed to test the key underlying value-generating assumptions of a potential new-growth initiative. In contrast to a full new-product roll-out, a learning launch is a learning experiment conducted quickly and inexpensively to gather market-driven data to determine whether a growth idea has enough merit to warrant... CONTINUE READING

Balanced Decision-Making and the Virtues of Ambivalence

By Morela Hernandez and Cristiano L. Guarana and Katherine Bowers ,

Though it often gets a bad rap, ambivalence can be a powerful tool for leaders. In casual conversation, ambivalence is often mistakenly used to express indifference — “Where do you want to have dinner?” “I’m ambivalent” — but it means the exact opposite. When you are ambivalent, you care deeply about a situation, see its positive and negative aspects, and are torn. Ambivalence... CONTINUE READING

Strategic Marketing in a New Market: Leonardo Olive Oil in India

By Rajkumar Venkatesan and Gerry Yemen ,

When VN Dalmia (MBA ’84), chair of Dalmia Continental in New Delhi, decided to sell olive oil in India, he started by importing it from the Mediterranean while the company built its new olive oil brand — Leonardo — rather than take the risky tactic of making a high investment in the masses of land it would take to plant olive trees and time it would take for them to bear... CONTINUE READING

Dynamic Signs for the Times: Prevent Injury and Engage Customers

By Luca Cian and Aradhna Krishna, Ryan S. Elder and Sarah Barry James ,

It can be easy to ignore a sign — either because you didn't see it in the first place or because you didn't read all the information on it. But what if it were also easier to pay to attention? Working with a team of two other colleagues, Darden Professor Luca Cian wanted to know whether subtle changes to current road signs, warning labels and other icons could make those images more... CONTINUE READING

Three Things: The Inside Scoop on Business

The annual reports of publicly traded companies are full of useful information, and reading them is a great way to develop your understanding not just of those companies, but of business generally. Though all the information is valuable, there are three sections of particular importance: the letter from the CEO, which highlights major accomplishments and important strategy, the management... CONTINUE READING