BizBasics: ‘Credit Card Sense’

The credit card: A key to access the financial mainstream or an omnipresent temptation? It’s convenient and can protect us from theft, even provide cash if necessary. But research shows that we’re inclined to spend more when paying with a credit card than we would with cash, and those who only pay the minimum balance due on a card purchase can end up paying more than twice the original price... CONTINUE READING

Seven Insights from the Seventh Annual University of Virginia Investing Conference

These insights were captured at the seventh annual University of Virginia Investing Conference (UVIC), held 13-14 November 2014 at the Darden School of Business and hosted by Darden’s Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management. The 2014 UVIC theme was “Investing in Innovation.” In the above video, Darden Professor Elena Loutskina interviews Robert S. Craine, president and founder of... CONTINUE READING

In Business We Trust …?

The Situation We live in unprecedented times. The worst financial crisis in the past 75 years has raised vexing questions about the limits of markets, and particularly about the pathway to a prosperous future for the global economy. It has also brought to the forefront fundamental questions about public attitudes toward business. This presents a paradox: On one hand, the trust of the public in... CONTINUE READING

The Point of the Case

The case-study method is an effective tool in business education. It demonstrates practical business issues and the complexities of the business world with real-life examples. What happens when a case proves compelling in the classroom but then its protagonist receives public criticism for other activities? Edward Norris had been an assistant commissioner of police in New York City and took a... CONTINUE READING

Freshwater and Polar Bears: How a Public-Private Partnership Can Change the World

At the turn of the century, the world faced a serious concern:  Of its water supply, about 2.5 percent was fresh water, and 30 percent of that groundwater — which billions of people depended on for drinking, sanitation and crop irrigation. Yet use of the all-important resource was frequently mismanaged and wasteful. All of Coca-Cola’s products use water as the main ingredient, and the... CONTINUE READING

Translate Big Data Into Action

The question of how to leverage big data has inspired conferences, university courses and degrees — and CMOs in sore need of guidance on how to get smarter about what all those numbers are saying. Ultimately, what each organization needs is its own analytics system that is focused on customer behavior. The system should be actionable, future-facing and support the organization’s broader... CONTINUE READING