How to Connect Analytics to Strategy to Avoid the Big Data Bridge to Nowhere

By Rajkumar Venkatesan and Jay Hodgkins ,

Businesses are struggling to build a meaningful bridge to the terabytes of data that are now available to them through the tools of the information revolution. Even companies born in the digital age often struggle to keep up with the swiftly evolving possibilities of big data. To transform into an organization that effectively bridges strategy and data analysis so that big data starts... CONTINUE READING

The Coke Bottle: The Plan to Use a Plant to Help the Planet

In the 1970s, Coca-Cola started using bottles made of polyethylene terephthalate. Commonly known as PET, this plastic is far lighter than glass, and the introduction of it in bottles significantly lowered distribution costs. Though the PET bottles could also be recycled, the company’s marketing team realized that consumers didn’t view the material as natural the same way they did glass.... CONTINUE READING

Data, Data Everywhere: How Top Companies Find New Opportunities to Innovate

By Gosia Glinska

There are many ways to think about the recent explosion of digital technologies and data. Not surprisingly, the ubiquity of personal information that can be easily and cheaply collected from online and offline transactions, social media and sensors embedded in a growing array of physical objects such as TVs and smartphones, can trigger suspicion, anxiety and fear. Organizations that sweep up,... CONTINUE READING

Practicing Presence in Everyday Life

Although business communication encompasses all forms of media, none can compete with the power of an executive’s physical bearing and aura of conviction. Leaders communicate their expectations and priorities not only through words, but through their presence and actions. In short, a leader’s credibility and reputation can depend a great deal on how — and how much — he or she embodies the... CONTINUE READING

The Bottom Line on the Extended Enterprise: How Collaboration Can Lead to Real Financial Rewards

By Edward W. Davis, Robert E. Spekman and Sarah Barry James

When it comes to business deals and contract negotiations, we often think about winners and losers. But what about arrangements in which multiple firms win? For well over a decade, Darden Professors Robert E. Spekman and Edward W. Davis have been interested in the extended enterprise, a collaborative approach to supply chain management in which key members view one another as partners rather... CONTINUE READING

Venture Capitalists See Opportunity as Valuations Normalize

By Dave Hendrick

Good news for venture capitalists: It may be a great time to buy. Participants at the Fifth Annual Darden Private Equity Conference — an event hosted by the student-led Darden Private Equity Club at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business — heard a specialized view of the investing landscape at a venture capital panel, where BlueRun Ventures General Partner Jonathan Ebinger... CONTINUE READING