Investment Strategies for a Low-Return World

By Darden

The Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management will host the 2015 University of Virginia Investing Conference at the Darden School of Business in November, where financial experts from around the United States will discuss the theme, “Investing in a Low-Return World.” University of Virginia Investment Management Company (UVIMCO) CEO and Chief Investment Officer Lawrence Kochard provided a... CONTINUE READING

Do Shareholders Actually Care About CEO Pay?

Interest in CEO pay is significant; whether it is from the media, academics, or different lobbying organizations, much has been written about how much CEOs make. As examples, there’s an annual report on those CEOs who get the biggest raises. There’s a listing of the top paid CEOs. There are comparisons of CEO pay to the rank and file employee. And The Wall Street Journal has a tool to compare... CONTINUE READING

Insights from the Big Data: Little Ethics? Conference

“Big data is new; it’s like the Wild West. Do we have the right regulations, systems and procedures to guide us?” —Bidhan L. Parmar, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Darden “We stand on the verge of technology that does nothing less than change who we are as human beings. I do think we have to ask: How does technology affect how we think about each other? About how... CONTINUE READING

Refurbished Smart Phones: Calling for Sustainability and Profit

The first day that pre-orders were available for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple and its carrier partners received more than 4 million orders. Service providers were set with a choice: Should they collect previous iPhone generations to refurbish and sell, and if so, how should they incorporate those items into their product lines? Doing so had clear benefits — it would be inexpensive for the... CONTINUE READING

Putting the Brakes on a Small Business Investment

Paul Noble was interested in purchasing a small business. Having saved money from the annual bonuses he received at a major aerospace company, he planned to commit up to $200,000 and supplement it with a Small Business Administration loan, and anticipated debt taken by the seller as part of the deal. A bicycle enthusiast, Noble had frequented Saddler Cycles, a three-store, high-end retailer,... CONTINUE READING

Is Your CEO Taking Marketing Seriously?

Two different chief marketing officers (CMOs) worked for the same Fortune 100 retailer at two different points in time. In separate interviews, the CMOs relayed very different stories about their scope of responsibility, their status in the company and their ability to have a positive impact on firm performance. What differed? They worked for different CEOs. In collaboration with, one... CONTINUE READING