What’s New in Project Management? A Hybrid Methodology

The choice of project management methods, which determines how a project is planned and executed, is of strategic importance to a firm. Ill-chosen management methodologies are often cited among top reasons projects fail. Project management methodologies are often chosen at an organization level, not considering the specifics of a project at hand. Moreover, firms typically choose a single... CONTINUE READING

The Key to Value Investing: Follow the Rules (Most of Them, Anyway)

By Jay Hodgkins

In the above videos, speakers at the eighth annual University of Virginia Investing Conference offer insight into the current economic landscape, opportunities in a diverging global monetary setting and implications for investors. “There are rules to value investing, and they must be followed.” International Value Advisers Chief Investment Officer Charles de Vaulx made his proclamation... CONTINUE READING

Life-Affirming Weirdness at the Office: The Creation of Value

At the core of all Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) work is a focus on the marginalized. An underlying aspiration of most D&I initiatives is to create organizations and communities that engage members of both marginal and dominant groups. But in practice, the primary focus of D&I is to bring those on the margin more to the center. Remedies such as affirmative action and D&I... CONTINUE READING

Everybody’s Biased, So I Can Be Too

All human beings are biased today, in part, because it increased the chances of survival in our evolutionary past. Paying more attention to a negative experience rather than a positive one, for example, allowed our predecessors to better survive in a dangerous world. “Having a bias comes from exercising a heuristic, a shortcut we take that allows us to distill information to make judgements... CONTINUE READING

Wine With Legs: How VinConnect Found Its Target Audience

In 2011, direct-to-consumer sales of wine were growing at a rapid pace. But a major segment of the industry was missing out on the strong U.S. market: European wineries, which had to navigate complicated alcohol sales and distribution laws to get the product to wine drinkers in the States. Identifying the situation as an opportunity, wine enthusiast Kevin Sidders started VinConnect, which... CONTINUE READING

Helping Salespeople Soar: Moving the Needle

By Thomas J. Steenburgh and Carlos Santos

How do you motivate your sales team? What strategies are best for helping your top, middle and bottom performers scramble to a higher plateau? Research into these practical questions has been less than you might expect. “When I came into my doctoral program, I was surprised to see the lack of research in the sales area,” says Darden Professor Tom Steenburgh, an expert in... CONTINUE READING