Three Things: Preparing for Financial Crisis

Ten years ago, the Great Recession was brewing. Memory is short, and many people who are now adults may not remember its gravity, so it behooves us to think about a few lessons we've learned through the years. Though we can't predict exactly when, history shows that financial crises will recur; they have have long tails on both ends, so they build slowly before they hit, then the long recovery... CONTINUE READING

5 Factors That Fuel Income Inequality

What do people believe they have to do to get power? Why do they feel that way? How is that contributing to inequality? These are questions Darden Professor Peter Belmi is on a mission to answer. Belmi’s research examines the insidious structural and psychological factors that contribute to social and income inequality, often despite people’s best intentions. He hopes that, by... CONTINUE READING

Women on Boards: Inclusion vs. Influence

“I believe the advantages of diversity and, more broadly, inclusion, are relatively well-known, and for some of us are confirmed by experience,” A.G. Lafley has said, having served on a number of boards: Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Legendary Entertainment among them. “More creativity, more innovation, more inquiry, more and broader experiences to draw on, better... CONTINUE READING

2018 Economic Forecast: Does Steady Growth Obscure a Shaky Foundation?

Editor’s Note: The following insights were delivered at an event prior to the stock market plunge of 2 February and entry into correction territory of 8 February, while the market was still rising steadily. At the time of the remarks, both experts considered the market overvalued, with Sargen anticipating a pullback of 10–20 percent and Beckenstein adamant that a coming crash was inevitable.... CONTINUE READING

Using Big Data: 3 Reasons It Fails and 4 Ways to Make It Work

Most companies already understand the importance of using big data to drive insights and decisions. The problem, instead, is that very few companies know how to integrate data analytics in a sustainable way. Too many rely on occasional, flash-in-the-pan successes from a handful of talented employees, but there is a better way. Darden Professors Raj Venkatesan and Kim Whitler have found, in... CONTINUE READING

Three Things: Reduce Fatigue and Increase Productivity

There’s so much to do, and you want to be productive, but sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Would it help if you had more hours? Or would you just burn out from working constantly? If nothing else, you’d probably be tired. Research has proven that fatigue decreases productivity — and productivity increases after rest. So if we do things right, breaks during... CONTINUE READING