Lopsided Growth: Can a Rising Tide Sink Some Boats?

Growing up in Denver in the 1990s, Daniel Murphy — now an assistant professor at the Darden School of Business — witnessed something that nagged him into adulthood: a thriving suburbia marked by growth in jobs, wages and production, juxtaposed against an urban center that continued to struggle. He became aware of skilled nurses leaving clinics that served primarily poor neighborhoods to earn... CONTINUE READING

Three Things: What Is Impact Investing?

Impact investing is not charity. In fact, it came about because of the failure of philanthropy to effectively address social problems. The “investing” part of the concept is essential to how it makes impact, and investors may be attracted by the solutions companies offer and the financial return; this means organizations aren’t dependent year to year on the whims of donors, who may be... CONTINUE READING

Cool Brands and Special Bonds: 007 and Heineken

In 2013, the producers of the 24th James Bond film, Spectre, were confronted with a difficult decision. To help pay the bills on what would turn out to be the most expensive Bond film ever made, they were considering product placements — not an unusual situation in and of itself, as large companies were eager to pay millions to reach the massive, ready-made Bond audience, and filmmakers were... CONTINUE READING

Giving Voice to Values: How to Counter Rationalizations Rationally

Reasons and Rationalizations When we encounter values conflicts in the workplace, we often face barriers that appear in the form of “reasons and rationalizations” for pursuing a particular course of action. These obstacles can confound our best attempts to fulfill our own sense of organizational and personal purpose. These are the objections you hear from your colleagues when you try to... CONTINUE READING

The Why of Business

At Darden, students are asked to put their whys to work. Above, left to right: Alexander Archer, Mercedes Rodriguez (both Class of 2019) and Terrell Maze (Class of 2018). Leading a public company since the late 1980s has been pretty easy in terms of understanding the “rules of the game.” That’s because the purpose of business has been so clear: just create shareholder value, as evidenced... CONTINUE READING

Fashionable Success With Influencer Marketing

Since 2013, the world’s largest digital retail market has been China. As more and more Chinese consumers use their mobile phones to access the Internet, mobile purchases have become the primary way e-commerce is done, reaching 72.8 percent in 2017. With a savvy and ever-expanding young customer base, the sense of authenticity that comes with influencer marketing has proven crucial to online... CONTINUE READING