Crowdfunding: Beyond Financing

In 1997, fans of British rock band Marillion raised $60,000 on the Internet to help finance a tour of North America. It is one of the earliest examples of the power of crowdfunding, in which a large number of investors back a venture with small investments online. The trend began in the late 1990s as a way for musicians and filmmakers to raise capital quickly from fans. Today crowdfunding is a... CONTINUE READING

The Challenge of Raising Water Productivity

The world faces significant water challenges. There is a finite volume of fresh water that is accessible for human use, and we live in a world that has been steadily growing. The global economy is seven times larger than it was in 1960, and the world population is more than twice as large as in 1960. This growth is fed by water-intensive agriculture, and water resources are increasingly strained.... CONTINUE READING

Communicating Through a Crisis: Wells Fargo Circles the Wagons

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, many American banks have dealt with publicity crises and a tarnished public image. Wells Fargo, however, was one banking giant that never required a public bailout and managed to come out of the crisis relatively unscathed, making its self-inflicted phony accounts scandal several years later all the more dramatic. Trouble and Blame Trouble started... CONTINUE READING

Entrepreneurship and the US Economy: Concerns and Implications

Why has the rate of U.S. entrepreneurship been on a steady decline for the past decade, and what does it mean for the U.S. economy? Sean Carr, Ph.D., executive director of Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation speaks with Professor John Haltiwanger from the University of Maryland and the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), whose research has played a major role... CONTINUE READING

Colin Kaepernick: Brand Risk or Missed Opportunity?

At the beginning of the 2016 football season, NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick began a protest against racial injustice: He made a stand by taking a knee during the national anthem. The high-profile act came after a rise in accusations of racial profiling by the police and accompanying attention in the media, and Kaepernick publicly stated he was aware that his decision may jeopardize his future... CONTINUE READING

Customer Engagement: 4 Types and New Maps

Brands today: seeking relationships, not just transactions. To compete effectively in a fast-paced environment, companies are realizing they need to build deeper attachments with customers. They want customers who will do more than just shop — who will influence others, make referrals and even co-create new products. The umbrella term is customer engagement, and it has become a strategic... CONTINUE READING