Becoming a Hyper-Learning Community: The Future of Business

As we reflected recently about our individual work with corporate leaders over the last year, it became clear to us that technology is advancing at a speed that far exceeds the rate at which many organizations are transforming. The speed and scope of digital transformation is becoming a strategic differentiator. Across industries, there are a few companies aggressively building cloud-based AI... CONTINUE READING

How to Act on Your Ethics

We’ve all faced situations in which — faced with long odds, tight deadlines, a challenging environment or limited resources — we’ve marshalled our problem-solving skills and figured out how to do what needs to be done. “Businesspeople are constantly being told that their ideas will be impossible to execute — that they’ll never be able to sell a certain product, operate in a new... CONTINUE READING

Corporate Innovation: How to Fund and Execute the Next Big Thing

This is the sequel to last month’s piece on corporate innovation: “Corporate Innovation: How to Find the Next Big Thing,” which explores how corporations can systematically identify innovative new ideas to drive organic growth. Here we’ll walk through funding and executing your innovation ideas. Funding the Next Big Thing How do you make sure the next big thing gets enough resources... CONTINUE READING

Corporate Innovation: How to Find the Next Big Thing

I’ve had the pleasure of discussing and in some cases collaborating on the innovation programs at a number of corporations. Clearly, on the whole, changing an established corporation into an innovation powerhouse isn’t what any reasonable person would call easy. If it was, we’d see more of it. That said, certain things are easy. If you’re like most managers, you want to get going on... CONTINUE READING

The Power of One: East Meets West in Strategy

For nearly 30 years, my research has asked the question What is competition? My aim has been to expand — for business scholars and practitioners alike — our understanding of the fundamental nature of strategy and competition. Competition is defined by the relationship between its constituent parts: action and response. The two are as interdependent as day and night; they exist within the... CONTINUE READING

Corporate Accountability: How a Company Proves Its Character

In the News CEOs taking high-profile stands on a variety of social issues have commanded headlines, from taking positions on sexual harassment, race relations and gender identity to the important role immigrants and refugees play in the workforce. But the rising tide of newsworthy business activism on social concerns is not confined to CEOs: Facebook employees, not CEO Mark Zuckerberg,... CONTINUE READING