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Lalin Anik

Under the Influence: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a key way to engage potential customers, build loyalty and drive a message to a larger market in an organic way. Darden marketing experts provide insights for aspiring influencers and marketers eager to analyze their effect.

Thinking of You: Consumer Decisions That Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Research shows that consumers don’t just make decisions based on personal beliefs, attitudes and preferences — at least not those in close relationships when choosing shared experiences. How can this information benefit relationships and marketing strategy?

How to Be Cool

What makes a product or person “cool”? Darden Professor Lalin Anik presents a theory of coolness and explains four traits that contribute to coolness.

Three Things: Finding Happiness at Work

In this Three Things video, Darden Professor Lalin Anik discusses three ways generosity improves your happiness and performance — and the research that shows it.

No Harm, No Foul? Video Replay and Fans’ Views of Referees

Professor Lalin Anik's research on video-assisted review, or VAR, found that fans believe VAR leads referees to take more risks and make more mistakes.

Early Entrepreneurship: 3 Deeper Benefits of the Ask

Darden Professor Lalin Anik has some practical advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs: Start by asking questions.

Consumer Pokénomics: Go-Time for Augmented Reality

Pokémon Go was a smash hit this summer. But did it also provide a glimpse into the future of consumer marketing?

The Long or the Short of It: Life Philosophies at Work (and Beyond)

Seventeenth century philosopher Thomas Hobbes famously described the natural state of human life as “nasty, brutish and short.” A study co-authored by a Darden professor examines implications of how people view life.

MTV Shuga: A Public-Private Partnership

Nearly 90,000 youths have been tested for HIV/AIDS, 200 peer educators have been trained and youth behavior has changed significantly as a result of viewing MTV Shuga media.

Feel Like a Million Dollars: Matchmaking and Happiness

Sad about being single this Valentine’s Day? Try playing matchmaker for someone else — research shows it’ll lift your spirits.