Faculty Experts

Mark E. Haskins

Haskins is an expert in the fields of performance management/measurement, corporate financial reporting, talent development and the design of effective learning experiences.

He has written extensively on these subjects and has... Learn More

Morela Hernandez

Hernandez is an expert on leadership, with research focusing on the ethics of leadership and the influence of diversity on organizational decision-making and processes.

Before coming to Darden, Hernandez worked in... Learn More

Edward D. Hess

Hess is a top authority on organizational and human high performance. His studies focus on growth, innovation and learning cultures, systems and processes, and servant leadership.

Hess has authored 12 books, including The Physics... Learn More

Justin J. Hopkins

Hopkins’ research interests include the effects of regulation on financial reporting, governance and economic outcomes. He focuses on securities and income tax regulation.

Prior to joining Darden, Hopkins worked as an... Learn More

Alexander B. Horniman

Horniman has wide-ranging expertise in the fields of business ethics, developing personal leadership, executive behavior, managerial psychology, diverse work groups, managing personal and organizational change, and motivating to increase performance.

He... Learn More

Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat

Hutchison-Krupat is dialed in on innovation. He is an authority on incentives for new product development — an important issue as product life cycles become ever shorter. Hutchison-Krupat is an... Learn More

E. Richard Brownlee II

When it comes to financial reports — read intently by both lenders and investors — Brownlee is the scholar with whom to consult. He is an authority of not only... Learn More

L.J. Bourgeois III

Bourgeois is an expert in business strategy, its implementation, mergers and acquisitions, and post-merger integration. He has consulted more than 100 public and private corporations, nonprofits and governments across the... Learn More

Lynn A. Isabella

Isabella is an expert in leadership and how people think about change. She is an authority on leading and managing in a global environment and in competency in global leadership.... Learn More

Tami Kim

Kim’s research delves into firm transparency, consumer empowerment and implicit contracts, with special interest in interpersonal relationships in the digital age. Not only has her work been published in leading... Learn More