Gal Raz

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Raz is an expert in supply chain management and sustainable operations. His research focuses on the effect of supply chain decisions regarding pricing, quantities and innovation on firms’ economic and environmental impact. He also examines the impact of government environmental regulations such as subsidies, rebates and other incentives on the firm’s environmental actions. Raz has expertise in the fields of operations strategy, lean and modeling of operational issues.

Raz has global expertise in the business, culture, political system and society of Israel and on the Arab-Israel conflict. He was involved in numerous consulting projects with many companies on topics relating to supply chain management, sustainability and quantitative modeling in Australia, the United States and Israel. Raz co-authored “Design for the Environment — Life Cycle Approach Using a Newsvendor Model” and “Economic and Environmental Assessment of Refurbishing Strategies for Product-Service Bundles” in Production and Operations Management. He also won the 2013 INFORMS Case Competition Award for his Darden case Eastman Tritan.

B.Sc., Technion−Israel Institute of Technology; M.A., M.S., Ph.D., Stanford University