Elizabeth A. Demers

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Elizabeth Anne Demers is an authority on the ups and downs of initial public offerings (IPOs). She also focuses on technology stock market bubbles, innovative firm stock valuations, the marketing role of IPOs and the influence of CEO career concerns on earnings management. Her most recent work relates to corporate financial communications, in which she examines the impact of the tone of managerial announcements on stock price dynamics, and the impact of time-of-day on the tone of quarterly conference calls with the firm’s analysts.

Demers’ ongoing consulting activities include the analysis of financial statements and accounting “red flag” reviews for hedge funds and other investment managers. She also specializes in litigation support in determining the economic damages in accounting fraud and high-tech industry cases. Demers practiced as a chartered accountant, specializing in business valuations and litigation accounting.

In 2013, her co-authored article “The Dangers of Late Afternoon Conference Calls” appeared in Harvard Business Review.

B.A., M.Acc. University of Waterloo (Canada); M.S., Ph.D., Stanford University

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