Faculty Experts

Lalin Anik

Anik’s research on behavioral economics and marketing delves into how social connection impacts consumer behavior, both through motivation and influence. Her work has been published in Journal of Marketing Research,... Learn More

George E.L. Barbee

Barbee’s 45-year innovative business career took him across 40 countries. As an entrepreneur, he founded three companies and worked with a number of Fortune 100 companies, including Gillette, IBM, GE,... Learn More

Manel Baucells

Baucells researches the incorporation of psychological realism into consumer behavior models, focusing on factors like anticipation, reference point comparison, mental accounting, psychological distance and satiation. He is an expert in... Learn More

Scott C. Beardsley

Scott C. Beardsley is the ninth dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He joined the Darden School as dean and Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business... Learn More

Alan R. Beckenstein

Beckenstein is an authority on the impact of public policy and global events on companies and industries. He has worked in the areas of competition policy — antitrust, regulation and... Learn More

Kristin J. Behfar

Behfar is an authority on teamwork. She knows how to make teamwork effective and high performing. She understands how to manage teams — big and small — and help them... Learn More

Peter Belmi

Belmi seeks to understand why rich people are rich, why poor people are poor, and why social disparities between the rich and the poor persist over time. To answer these... Learn More

Samuel E. Bodily

How do people weigh risks, then make decisions? Bodily is an expert on decision and risk analysis, publishing in journals ranging from Operations Research to Harvard Business Review. In 2012,... Learn More

Robert F. Bruner

Bruner is an expert on mergers and acquisitions. He’s written two books on the subject, Deals from Hell: M&A Lessons That Rise Above the Ashes and Applied Mergers and Acquisitions,... Learn More

Sean Carr

Carr’s applied research, which has examined entrepreneurial dynamics, social networks, venture capital and financial crises, has resulted in award-winning books, articles, case studies, digital media and numerous teaching materials. His... Learn More