Darden Ideas to Action Conversations: Barclays’ Barbara Byrne

In the above video, Darden Professor Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt interviews Barbara Byrne, vice-chair of investment banking at Barclays and the second most powerful woman in finance, as declared by American Banker in 2016.

They discuss the importance of diversity as essential to creativity, which is in turn integral to being competitive. As a case in point, they delve into the success of the Barclays Women in Leadership Total Return Index, which serves as a live measurement of the performance of companies with gender-diverse leadership and governance (that meet trading volume and market cap thresholds).

Also on the table: Brexit, how the industry has changed and why this is an opportune moment to go into investment banking: Times of change are times of opportunity.

About the Faculty

Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt

Thomas-Hunt is an authority in the art of negotiation, the use of power and influence, leveraging expertise, and global diversity. She also researches how women emerge as leaders.

Her teaching and research activities focus on conflict management, negotiation and inclusive leadership within global teams and organizations. She has also spent years... Learn More

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