Hamilton Star’s Voice Rings True on Social Media

The musical Hamilton has grossed more than $75 million to date and regularly sells out. But even before it premiered on Broadway in July 2015, it was connecting with the public through an active social media presence, particularly on Twitter. Not only does the show connect with people via @HamiltonMusical, but its creator (and star of the original Broadway cast) Lin-Manuel Miranda’s @Lin_Manuel has built a huge following. He used the platform to engage an audience of people who love rap, people who love history and people who love theater.

Miranda’s tweets were full of personality, commenting on everything from the show to his lunch, making his unique social media voice feel accessible and friendly. He directly engaged with fans on 65 percent of Twitter posts. Meanwhile, celebrities raved about the show on their own social media channels, and a lottery for $10 front-row seats spurred even more buzz.

While surges in ticket prices — particularly for resellers — may have been more directly driven from mainstream exposure like Miranda’s appearance on The Tonight Show or the musical’s 11 Tony Awards, there’s no denying that Hamilton is a case of successfully executed social-media engagement.

Read more about how Miranda connected with a wide audience in Meghan R. Murray’s article “Runaway Success of ‘Hamilton’ Shows the Power of Creating Buzz on Social Media” in the Darden School of Business/Washington Post “Case in Point” series.

The article is based on Murray’s case Hamilton Won More Than Twitter (Darden Business Publishing).

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