Insights From the 2016 Darden Global Conference

The Darden Global Conference brought together international business leaders, economists and alumni for an in-depth look at global business. The following insights were captured during the course of the programming.

“Dive in and be curious about the culture and what the fabric of a country is before you try to do business there. Your interest in their country is invaluable.”
— Mark Templeton (MBA ’78), former CEO of Citrix, on the need to understand a culture before starting a globally based venture

“Silicon Valley does not have the lock on innovation. If I was going to choose the hottest place to go right now and I was your age, I’d go to Berlin!”
— Mark Templeton

“Partnership. That’s the most important thing in business. It’s really all about building trust and building partnership.”
— Jerry Peng (MBA ’03), CEO of Tranlin Inc., offering advice on forging a successful careers

“I think China has been over blamed for lots of developments in the global economy. The causal linkages are not always completely clear.”
— Nicholas Lardy, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, on the questionable relationship between China’s downturn and the global economy

“We have the platform, and now we’re trying to turbocharge the opportunities. You’ll be much more ready as manager and future business leader if you go out there and see the world.”
— Darden Dean Scott Beardsley on the School’s continued focus on producing global leaders

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Scott C. Beardsley

Scott C. Beardsley is the ninth dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. He joined the Darden School as dean and Charles C. Abbott Professor of Business Administration 1 August 2015 after 26 years at McKinsey & Company, during which he held numerous senior roles including as... Learn More