Insights from the 2015 Private Equity Conference: Using Investment Criteria as a Guide to M&A


Peggy Roberts (MBA ’01), chief operating officer of the Riverside Capital Appreciation Fund; Charlie Larkin (MBA ’90), founding partner of Webster Capital; and Taylor Cole (MBA ’98), partner at Harren Equity Partners, returned to the University of Virginia Darden School of Business on 17 April to participate in a panel at the fourth annual Darden Private Equity Conference, hosted by the student-led Darden Private Equity Club. They brought their expertise in leveraged buyouts back to the School in the familiar format they knew so well as students: the case method.

After dissecting the successes — and shortcomings — of deals from Larkin’s and Cole’s past for toymaker Wham-O, designer jeans brand Hudson Clothing, behavioral health and education services business Camelot Schools and even Robert Redford-founded Sundance Catalog, the panel shared key investment criteria they’ve identified to successfully target and execute a buyout or M&A deal.

Highlights of the group’s guidelines for investment criteria include:

  • Prioritize sectors of interest.
  • Dialogue with “the knowers” in a given sector.
  • Develop sector expertise.
  • Define and refine your investment thesis.
  • Work with entrepreneurs.
  • Rely on “old” partners.
  • Proactively and creatively pursue targets.
  • Identify risk and establish mitigants (Alternatively, ask, “What did we miss, and now what do we do?”).
  • Account for the “annoying economical cycle.”
  • Create an appropriate deal structure, capitalization and alignment.
  • Establish clear expectations.
  • Measure, monitor and communicate.

When it comes time to strike a deal, Larkin summed up that the business of buyouts and M&A is about people. Success comes down to a few things at the end of the day:

  • The power of your network is not a cliché.
  • “Street cred” rules.
  • Experience and humility count — not your school GPA.

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