Sustainability Is Good For Business And The Planet

In today’s world, “sustainability” and “corporate social responsibility” are common parlance. Don’t let this language put you off, as it may be good for business.

Executives with Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) learned that by viewing business through a sustainability lens, they could see financially, ecologically and socially innovative solutions that weren’t clear before they put on their “green shades.”

By joining forces with their various stakeholders, REI learned and shared best practices. In addition, they increased their revenue.

To learn how they used sustainability concepts to uncover otherwise hidden solutions, read “Eco-Sensitivity Can Be Just Plain Good Business” in the Darden School of Business/Washington Post “Case in Point” series.

About the Faculty

Andrea Larson

Larson explores topics at the interface of innovative entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices — she studies why and how going “green” and implementing sustainability corporate strategies make money and contribute to the common good. Sustainable business strategies integrate economic, social and environmental concerns into how products and services are designed,... Learn More