An Internal Strategy Can Help Startups Scale Up

Manoj Sinha founded Husk Power Systems in Bihar, India, to provide power to millions of rural Indians in a financially sustainable, scalable, environmentally friendly and profitable way. Husk developed a proprietary technology that cost-effectively converted rice husks into electricity. The company also developed a power supply and distribution system that allowed them to offer electricity as a pay-per-use service.

When it came time to raise additional funding, Sinha was faced with a difficult decision. Investors wanted to know how Husk was going to scale up effectively. Such aggressive scale-up targets would be difficult because of three mitigating factors — and Sinha only had time to focus on one.

To find out how Sinha satisfied investors’ goals while ensuring that Husk hit its growth goals and effectively scaled up, read “To Scale Up a Startup Business, Focus on Internal Operations” in the Darden School of Business/Washington Post “Case in Point” series.


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