A Leader’s Speech in the Face of Fear

Tap into your own presence and personal story to speak your truth; this is what leaders must do.

The fear of public speaking is common. Anxiety, nervousness and even the gravity of a topic needing to be addressed can lead anyone — especially leaders — to develop cold feet.

However, leaders must find the courage to say what needs to be said.

To learn how leaders can tap into their inner strength and hold the attention of their audience while speaking from the heart, read Darden Professor Elizabeth Powell’s article “You Will Have a Voice If You Find the Courage to Speak” for The Washington Post Capital Business series

About the Faculty

Lili Powell

Powell’s current academic interests are mindful communication and leadership presence. She also has expertise in leadership and management communication, corporate reputation and diversity.

Powell has authored numerous cases and is co-author of Women in Business: The Changing Face of Leadership. She is currently working on a new book — Present: Leadership... Learn More